Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 02-20-2012 by
Russell Barnes
September 2 2002 - February 19 2012

Did someone mention food?


I'm quite busy so make it quick


Yes I was worshipped in Egypt


Important decisions to be made




Even more relaxed


I'm going for a striped tan


Who turned the lights on?


Don't you have to go to work?


It's way too early


You're thinking of getting a puppy?


Reverse pike with extended tail


I'll just take up the entire bed


Is that hot Persian giving me the eye?


Aah a quick hip opener to start my day


Beautiful boy


Free spirit


Grave at base of tree - no headstone as yet


Eirever woodland


Plaque/Headstone pending


Headstone - says all it needs to


Gimli and his resting buddy, Spaz


Art work


More art, brilliant


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