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Memorial created 02-22-2012 by
Kristen Vacek
February 21 2011

It has taken me a long time to create this page for Oscar.  I have had a really hard time dealing with the loss of my Oscar.  I had to make a decision I prayed I would never have to make.  I have questioned my actions a million times.  Did I do the right thing? I am hoping that by finially making this page I will begin to find some comfort and closure.  

Oscar came into my life on a rainy day in the summer of 1999,  I was walking outside my house and saw this incredibly cute dog.  My dad quickly told me that he had been running that dog off all day.  Of course, I begged to be able to keep him in the yard to keep him safe until I could find the owner.  A dog as cute as he was, was bound to have an owner.  After posters around the neighborhood and a listing in the local paper no one claimed him.  I was in love with him from the get go, so this was perfect for me.  My dad came to really like him and so he became a part of our family.  He joined our other dog Opie and they became fast "brothers." They napped and played together and were virtually unseperable.  My mom and I decided to name him Oscar because of his bushy eye brows.  

Oscar was a beautiful Schnauzer and so full of personality.  He loved to chase the 4 wheelers that would drive up and down behind our fence.  He would at times get so tired chasing the 4 wheelers, he would just lay down in the yard and rest.  One time it scared my dad, he thought he had had a heart attack.  After that, my dad would make him come in and rest after a little while of chasing the 4 wheelers.  He never really understood how to play with toys.  Opie loved his babies and Ocsar didn't quite get it.  He would occationally walk around with one in his mouth, but I think it was just to get an "aww" reaction from us.  He loved to chase anything in the yard bird, squrriel, etc.

Oscar and Opie were always considered my dogs and when I got married they became mine and Brad's babies.  We treated them like our children.  They slept with us, had seat belts and pretty much went anywhere we did.  Opie and Oscar were so important to us and we loved (love) them so much.  We did everything to make them have happy lives. Opie passed away in the 2009 and left us broked hearted.  We were so grateful for Oscar.  If possible he became more spoiled.  

In the Spring of 2010 we found out that Oscar had the same disease that took Opie from us.  How was it possible?? The vet assured me that Oscar's Cushings had been caught early and that he would be fine once on the medicine.  Oscar truly was fine, he was happy and healthy.  Brad and I welcomed our first "people" baby in November 2010.  We made sure that whoever wasn't holding the baby, that that person was holding Oscar.  We did not want him to feel less loved or left out..  I made sure that even when company came over that they greeted Oscar first.  I will never forget the day, January 13, 2010, it is the day that Oscar just all the sudden started crying out in pain.  I didn't know what could be hurting him or if he just needed more attention.  I rushed him to the vet and they felt around on him and came to the conclusion that it was his back bothering him.  They gave him medicine and sent us on our way.  Oscar continued to to cry out, quit eating and drink out of control.  This all could be the symtoms of many things and one of those things being his cushings turning into Addison's just like Opie before he died.  We were frightned and so stressed out. I must of taken him to the vet a hundred times to get to the bottom of it. Oscar had lost half of his body weight and was so sad looking.  He quit wanting cuddles or even wanting to get up. He would just cry out in pain.  I couldn't do anything for him.  I took him to the vet and they just couldn't figture out and just ignored me, I don't know.  Brad and I were so incredibly heart broken that our baby was just fading away.  He used to love walks or car rided and he just didn't care to do anything.  I returned to work on Valentine's Day of 2011 after my maternity leave.  My inlaws took Oscar to their house because we hated to leave him alone being 800to sick.  That day my father-in-law contacted my mom about Oscar and so they met half way and my mom took Oscar back to the vet.  We lived an hour from my mom and the vet.  They kept Oscar in the hospital and ran more test.  They discovered that he had diabetes.  I thought everything would be okay once they got his medicine/ insulin worked out.  Oscar stayed in the hospital for a week.  He came home on a Friday and we began to monitor his diabetes and give him insulin.  He still seemed sad and sick.  The next day Oscar was sitting and just fell over.  He sat back up and then had a seizure.  We were so scared and crying.  My husband rushed him to the emergency vet.  I can't remember all the details b/c it was just so painful but his blood sugar went up to like 800.  The emergency vets couldn't get his blood sugar undercontrol.  Oscar was so skinny and the light in his eyes was gone.  Brad and I went to visit him after he had been in the emergency hospital for a day.  Brad and I knew we couldn't continue to let Oscar suffer.  No one seemed to be able to help him and we had spend so much money on vet care.  Not that we wouldn't continue to spend the money if it would help, but it just didn't seem like there was going to be a healty Oscar anymore.  We know he had diabletes but he also had an infection somewhere that could not be pinpointed. Brad and I left and went and walked around a park to talk.  We were crying and trying to say what we were both thinking.  We couldn't say it but both felt like we should let him go.  We went home and stayed in contact with how Oscar was doing over night.  His blood sugar was still all over the place getting as high as 800.  They had to put a musel on him b/c he was trying to bite everyone.  That was not like Oscar at all.  Brad got the vet to tell us that if we decided to let him go that we would be doing the right thing.  Brad was strong and told them to put him to sleep.  I intially felft at peace with this decision.  I have had so much guilt though.  I feel terrible and miss him so much.  I just wish that he could have gone on his own terms.  

I will miss him everyday and wish that I knew he that he was okay.  I have been struggling with what happens after one dies.  I really do hope that there is a heaven and that Oscar is chasing 4 wheelers and being with Opie.


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