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Memorial created 02-26-2012 by
Audrey P
June 1 2007 - January 7 2012

This is Tesoro with her other momi , Tesoro die in her arms

      Acaso existe la eternidad ? , no lo se , solo se que mi amor por ti jamas morira , que vives en cada cosa que hago y que nunca dejare de agradecerle a dios por esos 4 anos y medios que me permitio tenerte a mi lado , gracias a ti hoy dia soy un mejor ser humano tu me ensenaste una clace de amor que yo no conocia , le diste a mi vida un sentido que no tenia , sembraste en mi los mas hermosos sentimientos y el deceo de ser un dia suficientemente digna de poder llegar a ese lugar especial donde se que estas! 



   Hi my litle one , as always momi is here looking for your memory , and to let you know how much I still need you ! , life is being so diferent from the day you let me alone in this world my litle angel , and I want you to know that no matter what , you are always in my heart , in good , and bad moments , I remember you always , and still have the same pain like the 1 day that I loss you , Tesoro you dont know how much I need you , especialy in those moments that I feel so alone , I want to feel my baby girl with me every day , but you are in a place where I can see you even when I feel you with me every day. With all my love , forever , momi : Audrey.


January 25 2013. My baby girl today I am here one more time to let you know how much I miss you , I am living now in Dominican Republic with my new parnert , I take your ashes with me , and cry all the time holding the only thing that I have let from you , me and Cindy save a rabbit from a farm and we call him Sebastian , every time that I see how happy he is I feel better because I know I am do in good to another bunny . I need you so much my baby girl , but I want you to know that I finally found love ! Cindy is a angel , I know Miriam was your momi in live , but she never was good to me , i hope she remerber you , because you love her , but Cindy cares for me in a way that only you do before. Tesoro I love you baby , momi is go in to be always wishing be with you again, you still and will be always the love of my live .


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