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Memorial created 02-27-2012 by
Patti Tsikitikos
October 25 2002 - February 22 2012

I was searching specifically for a black & silver German shepherd puppy (which are rare and hard to find), and so I wrote to several places online. One of the places referred me to a breeder in Washington State, Kim Waddell who, in turn, got in touch with me. She had a litter of several puppies of all different colors and asked me if I’d like a light or dark black &silver, so I told her I’d like the lightest black/silver puppy. She said she had a male for me and sent me a photo. There was my baby boy, standing in front a large puppy food bowl, along with the rest of his siblings. He was a big puppy with a dark body and all white puppy paws. I fell in love.

I wanted to surprise George for his 50th birthday, but then I decided I’d better consult with him first. It was probably mid-December when I broke the news to him while we were sitting in a diner eating dinner. Right away, George told me he didn’t want another dog and pleaded with me not to pursue it any further. I was heartbroken, as I had already bonded with “Skylar,” and ended up telling him (telepathically) that I was sorry, and I sent kisses his way. I wished him a future happy home with a loving family.
The following morning when I made George’s sandwich for work, I scotch taped Skylar’s picture on it and wrote “Are you sure you don’t want this puppy?” At the end of the day when George came home, he told me he thinks he swallowed a paper while he was eating his sandwich. (He was trying to be funny). Evidently, the plan worked, because after thinking about it further, George changed his mind and was suddenly adamant about getting the puppy. It was George’s birthday, December 20th, while I was planning his surprise 50th party, when he called me from work and asked if I sent for the puppy yet. Well, I was so busy with the party plans that I didn’t get a chance to call the breeder to make arrangements. However, during that day, I called, and we arranged to have him shipped on the 24th. Good thing, because the following day, Christmas, we had a huge blizzard, and then for months later, it would have been much too cold to ship any animals!!!
On the morning of December 24th, we went to Newark Airport to meet our new baby. As I was signing the papers, George was already admiring his new little boy in his traveling crate. I asked the breeder to pack a blanket and a stuffed toy for him, and they were in there with him.
We let him out to pee, but he just stood there and didn’t have to. Then we placed him back inside and drove him back home, but not after first making a stop at PetSmart to choose a light blue baby collar and leash for him. We let him out again at the pet store, but he still didn’t have to relieve himself, so we put him back in and brought him to his new home.
Brandy and Juley were indifferent to him at first when we put him in his new back yard. He ignored them and followed his daddy around like a duckling. However, after a mere few days, Juley became his new best friend, and Brandy became the boss of both of them.
We gave him a bath, because he stunk like a puppy that hung around with his litter mates and wrapped him in a towel. I cuddled him in my arms to keep him warm while he was drying off.
The following day, Christmas, began the big blizzard of 2002. We had to go to my brother-in-laws house for dinner, and I wasn’t feeling so well, so I left early. My brother-in-law joked around saying I wanted to go home to see the puppy. He was right. I felt overwhelmed with all the excitement and I really did want to spend time with my new baby. By the end of that evening, the roads were impossible, and hence, began one of the coldest winters ever!
Thank God we arranged to have our baby shipped the day before, because, after that, we never would have been able to get our precious Skylar, and God knows what his fate would have been!!!

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