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Memorial created 02-29-2012 by
erica pavlish
September 9 1999 - February 27 2012

my girl

In loving memory of our Snickers who we love so much. Snickers will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  Snickers, I had you for 12.5 years.  You and your sister Licorice came into my heart and left imprints forever.  Snickers and Licorice "the girls".  I didnt know anything about bird dogs but I took you two in the fields to look for pheasants.  Snickers you were a great bird dog but your sister was more into looking for rabbits and geese. You were there though the divorce the tears and heartbreaks, you would wipe my tears with kisses and get me out of bed when I couldnt bear to move. 

In the end, you werent moving well, your arthritis and weight were controlled with pain medication every morning, you were walking very slow and by Saturday of this week your leg was swollen, you were drinking and then you would get sick.  I fed you ice chips waited for the mobile vet to show up, you were in the same position on Monday that you were in most of Sunday.  You never showed up at the door wagging your tail or even notice me walk in.  The vet came over on Monday evening and said that you were in heart failure and your lungs were filling with fluid.  The vet explained that it would be a peaceful experience but like everything in life and the way you are or were you fought it, with everything you had.  You would not fall asleep, I tried soothing you and you just fought it, everytime I thought you were asleep you would pop your head back up.  Finally, I thought it was over and then you let out these screams of pain and panic and then that was it.  When daddy and I came down you looked peaceful finally but then I lost it and this anguish that I had never felt before and this emotional deep pain came out.  I was in shock after that.  The only thing that gets me through this is the fact that Licorice is probaly so happy to see you again.  I can imagine her running at full speed to get to you. and that and Nicholas are the thing that get me through this nightmare.  Of course, there is Lexi who keeps looking for you in all your old spots.  I miss you sweetie.



Snickers in her domain

You can run again.  Your legs are strong, your tail wags, you can chase sticks, never ending games of ball.  Camping trips, long hikes without pain.  run sweetheart run.  I loved you and I still do.  I had to make the best chocies for you and you hadnt moved in about 24 hours and your body was full of fluid.  I feel so much guilt, I just wanted you to fall asleep in your sleep, it just was messed up. 

I have learned so much from you about life the precious it is, how great breathing is, how to take time and lay back in the sun, how much fun a ball can be, how great it is to take up the entire bed.  I learned that hikes are free and you learn somthing new each time, how to love a person before they come over.  that furniture is really "furr nature" if you dont like dogs, we dont like you, dont come over.  Having "my girls" made me a better person.  I love you and you are never going to be forgotten.



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