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Memorial created 03-9-2012 by
Devonda Davis
July 21 2003 - March 8 2012

Relaxing in my new bed


Waiting for my Christmas Dinner


Posing for the camera


Me and Mommy


That treat was delicious


Me,Mommy and Chico


I'm about ready for my nap-


We are ready for our treats now


All cozy and ready for bed


First snow of 2012


I'm ready for more treats please


Waiting for dinner


Are You Talking To Me


You have my total attention


Abby and her sister Chelsea


Abby's 3rd Christmas with us 2010


My Christmas stocking full of goody's 2010


My toy and treats I got for Christmas


Yogurt Drops my favorite


My beautiful sweet girl


Abby and Chico relaxing in bed


Do i have to get up now


Do I look good as a blonde


My sweet and beautiful girl


Abby's First Halloween with us


My beautiful girl


Abby and her Brother Max


Our First Christmas together


First Christmas with her new toy


Abby's 2nd Christmas With Us


Opening Christmas Presents


I think it something good to eat




How Cute do i look with reindeer ears


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