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Memorial created 03-24-2012 by
Emily Cieminski
May 17 1998 - March 20 2012

Jake has been gone for eight days. 

I miss: 

*the way you would stick your nose in my face to get up in the middle of the night  (not fun then)

*the way you would lick your paws and groom yourself like a cat.

*the way you would talk to me in husky speak

*seeing your face peeking through the door window whenever you heard the car come home.  All you saw were pink ears, eyes, and a black nose. 

*the way your face would light up when you were running - pure doggy joy

*the way your face would light up when mommy came home and loved on you.

*hearing your paws clicking on the floor throughout the day and night

*having to step over you to get out of bed as you got older

*having you beside me throughout the day. 

*laying nose to nose and petting your head and scratching your ears. 

*how soft your fur was, especially after a bath. 

*hearing the clinking of your collar.

I just miss you buddy. 

I planted a tree for you today.  It's near the fence where you would lay sometimes in the shade.  I was going to get a redbud but then I thought the Dogwood would be more appropriate.  So next spring, there will be a beautiful flowering tree to remind us of you.  We buried your bone under the tree.  And Max put your soccor ball next to it.  We will always love you.

Ps.  Max said you would play with all the doggies now because in heaven you would like them.  (It made me smile.  Jake was not good around other dogs.  He would feel like he needed to protect me or something.)


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