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Memorial created 04-11-2012 by
Teri Davis
Jondalar Lee
June 25 1993 - January 11 2004

Muffin Leigh, Jondalar's little sister...
March 30, 1994 - September 23, 2005

In loving memory of our Muffin who we love so much. Muffin will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever...



Hello, my beautiful girl! Oh, sweetheart, you were an angel from the moment I held you in my arms at eight weeks old...

You were so beautiful, and so sweet and gentle. You were a joy to me and your daddy from the moment we brought you home. You never gave us an ounce of trouble.  Your little bark was a high-pitched one, but you sure did let us know when there was a lawn mower or a person nearby, lol! I can see you right now with your little nose pointed into the air, just barking so intently at the thing or person that was annoying you outside the fence, lol! So cute!

You were such a brave girl, and fought so hard. It ripped our hearts out to say good-bye to you, my darling daughter, but you were so tired, and in so much pain...

I will always love you, my little flower, my little Muffin...Daddy loves you, too, and now I am crying again, feeling my love for you, beautiful, beautiful Muffin...

Love forever,
Your Mommy


Baby Muffin and Mommy 1994
Muffin and Mommy, December 9, 2001
Muffin and Daddy, 2003
Muffin and Mommy
My beautiful little Muffin, freshly-groomed with a summer haircut, June 4, 2002
Muffin and Mommy, April 10, 2000
My beautiful Muffin in our fenced backyard, January 1, 1997
Adorable, huggable Muffin, March 1995
Pretty me after a spa day! February 15, 1994
Yes, Mommy? February 15, 1994

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